Stockport Learning Support Service


Stockport Learning Support Service (LSS)

LSS is a multi -faceted teaching team able to offer a robust approach to support and empower parents and schools to overcome difficulties of learning and cognition, with the aim of achieving the best outcomes for children and young people with SEN (Special Educational Needs). 

Our specialist SEN teachers use their broad range of skills, experience and qualifications to work closely with children and young people with MLD (Moderate Learning Difficulty) and SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulty) profiles and their families. They also support schools to build capacity to meet the needs of vulnerable learners, in line with the graduated response to support and current national and local strategies. 


What we want to achieve 

LSS teachers see the immense demands placed on children and young people who are unable to access age related expectations, as well as the stress and pressures put on teachers and schools to meet Government standards. 


We want to support schools to raise standards through best endeavours, but we also want to use our unique position to be able stand by our values and nurture and develop personalised cumulative pathways for these pupils, so that learning gaps are reduced, their experience of education is as positive and rewarding as that of others and they succeed in their quest to acquire a set of literacy, numeracy and life skills.


How will we do this?

The dedicated LSS team will do their best to provide the most effective, enjoyable, stimulating and happiest of learning journeys for children and young people that would otherwise struggle to access the curriculum in school.


To do this we will work in partnership with families and schools to help these young people develop the confidence, skills, desire and motivation to achieve success in whatever is important to them and in their future adult lives. 


This will also mean building the confidence and skills amongst the staff

working with these children and young people, so they are able to provide and deliver appropriate teaching which meets their needs, as well as contributing to wider efforts for whole school improvements through universal strategies, targeted interventions and individualised support. 


We want to achieve this by using and sharing the knowledge and understanding we have as specialist teachers, and by helping to remove barriers to learning.


Stockport LSS – working to positively impact on lifetime opportunities and success for children and young people with SEND.